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dren have been displaced, some up to seven times.According to estimates, over 2.3 million chi▓ldren are now living as refugees in Tur▓key, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Iraq.However, there are some "remarkable s


tories" of children deter▓mined to pursue their hopes and aspirations, the UN agency said.Darsy, a 12-year-old refugee in Turkey, said: "I wan▓t to be a surgeon to help the sick and injured people of Syria. I dream of a Syria without a war so ▓we can go home. I dream of a world without any wars.""W

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s children," said Cappelaere. "Many have cr▓ossed frontlines just to sit for school exams. They insist ▓on learning, including in underground sch▓ools. There is so much more we can and should do to turn the tid


e for Syria's children."  Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatWomen, children, elders▓' rights lack protection in U.S.: reportWomen, children, elders' rights lack protection in U.S.: reportWomen, children, elders' rights lack protection in U.S.: report03-09-2017 14:48 ▓BJTBEIJING, March 9 (Xinhua) -- The situation of protectio▓n of rights of women, children and elders in the Unit▓ed States was worrisome in 2016, says▓ a report on U.S. human rights released Thursday.The report, titled "Human Rights Re▓cord of the United States in 2016" and publis▓hed by China's

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y fell victims to sexual harassmen▓t and assault.Poverty rate among children remained high and cases of elder abuse happened ▓from time to time, it says.The USA Today website reported that roughly one in four women say they have been harassed on the job. It said that with many victims too frightened to speak up, at▓torneys

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